Bicycle rally for Russian political prisoners in Helsinki, Saturday 7th of September 4 PM

We invite everyone who are concerned of political situation in Russia to join us for bicycle rally, which starts from 3 Seppää statue in Mannerheimintie saturday September 7th 4 pm. We will provide flags that you can stick to your bike. But we really appreciate if you bring your own sign or flag for your bike.

Same day before the rally we have info about political prisoners in Russia between 13.45-15.45. 

Pussy Riot Prison Verdict, new laws for ”homosexual propaganda” which are used against organizations, NGO's are forced to register as Foreign agents and anti-facists are arrested due to neo-nazi witnesses, trial against organizers of rallys against Putin's inauguration – Situation of human rights in Russia are worse thatn ever after mid 1980's.

Putin wants to crash down all opposition movement and make sure that Russian people will be loyal to him during all the time he is in power, maybe even up to 2024.

At this moment there is a trial going on against 12 people who attended the rally on May 6th 2012 against Putin's inauguration and which turned violent. They represent all opposition groups. The evidence against those people are based on police statements with aspects only from police side. Most of the accused have already spent more than a year in pretrial detention.

Three members of Left Front movement are accused of 'arranging a riot', eventhough videos and many staments from witnesses prove that the conflict was prepared by police – a peaceful rally with tens of thousand attendants was stopped against the agreement made beforehand with the arrangers. Antifacist Alexey Gaskarov, who was arrested in the end of April this year, is prosecuted of 'arranging a riot'.

Antifacists are under special surveillance by Putin's regime. Igor Hartšenko is in trial as well in Moscow. He is accused of defending an antifacist concert after neo-nazis attacked the concert. In autumn prosecuter will start a trial against three anti-facists who have just been picked up because of their activism. The charge is the clash against with the security guards who represent extreme right wing.

Pussy Riot Prisoners Nadya Tolokonnikova's and Maša Aljohina's every request for parole have been dismissed with made-up reasons. Aljohina has been transferred to different prison as a punishment after she started to protest for rights of other prisoners. 

Friedship-, collaboration ja mutual assistance -netwotk (YYA) promotes peaceful cooperation between the people of Russia and Finland supporting revolution in Russia (and why not in Finland too?)

At this moment Friedship-, collaboration ja mutual assistance -netwotk (YYA) consists of members from Free Pussy Riot Helsinki, Anarchist Black Cross in Helsinki and A-group. We welcome all groups, networksand individuals who are interested in supporting Russian activists to join us in anti-authoritarian spirit without any leaders or borders!

You can contact us via our Facebook site
Or by email via networks/goups participating:
Free Pussy RIot Helsinki: freepuzzyriothelzinki (ät) gmail (dot) com
A-ryhmä: a-ryhma (ät) riseup (dot) net
Anarchist Black Cross of Helsinki: amr_hki (ät) anarkismi (dot) net

Event in facebook:

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