Disgruntled bosses are attacking anarchist hosting - again

ddos атака

Since 19th of July, Russian anho.org (shorthand for "Anarchist Hosting") has been targeted with a DDoS - attack. Since then, numerous activist websites have been unaccessible - including Indymedia-Siberia and various anarchist groups (Autonomous Action of Kazan, Autonomous Action of Irkutsk, Inter-Professional Union of Workers etc.). Main goal of the attackers is antijob.anho.org - website, committed to defence of workers against employers. This project includes popular feature "black list of employers" where workers are reporting problematic employers.  Founders of the Antijob-website are contacted almost by weekly basis with "benefical propositions" with offers of money, as well as with threat - all from side of the bosses. Obviously, all these offers have been left without a reply.

Now bosses, who may not tolerate public scrutiny, organised a DDoS-attack. Concept of the DDoS attack is that a virus is spread to thousands of computers somewhere in Souther Asia, or other continent. Then, after an order "from the center", infested computer began to send requeries to server of the Antijob-website. Website may not handle all the traffic, and falls down.

We managed to track down the botnet attacking us - it is ArmageddoN DDoS Botnet, which offers services with a starting price of 1500 dollars, and extra 10 dollars for each bot. That means, employers spent at least 2000 dollars in order to get antijob website down.

Last attack took place half a year before - back then, it was Moscow-based IT company "Prime Lab", practices of which were reported in Antijob, who was behind the attack. But this effort was not much of use for the company - eventually it collapsed, and employers whom Antijob website had supported, gathered their wage arrears in form of material property of the collapsing company (details of the story in Russian here and here)

 And it will go like that with everyone attacking us!

 Collective of antijob.anho.org

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