There’s no need to fix the system: “Trends of order and chaos”, episode 83 (4 December)

Hi everyone! Today is Sunday, 4 of December and we continue our weekly podcast “Trends of order and chaos” This is episode 83. This is what caught our attention in the past week..


1. What should the mobilized do?

In Kazan, at the 1st or 2nd of December the mobilized left in crowds the military unit .

Malmö, 04/02: Demonstration against ACTA (Anti Counterfeit Trading Agreement)

Yesterday, the 4th of february people went out on the streets of Malmo (the 3rd largest city in Sweden) to show their position against the ACTA agreement.

Protesters were young, aware and angry. Participants had been invited to the protest via facebook.

People wearing Masks of Guy Fawkes ("the only man ever to enter Parliament with honest intentions") had banners and were screaming slogans such as:
"Struggle continue, ACTA should gonne"

Disgruntled bosses are attacking anarchist hosting - again

ddos атака

Since 19th of July, Russian anho.org (shorthand for "Anarchist Hosting") has been targeted with a DDoS - attack. Since then, numerous activist websites have been unaccessible - including Indymedia-Siberia and various anarchist groups (Autonomous Action of Kazan, Autonomous Action of Irkutsk, Inter-Professional Union of Workers etc.). Main goal of the attackers is antijob.anho.org - website, committed to defence of workers against employers. This project includes popular feature "black list of employers" where workers are reporting problematic employers.

Japan: The discharge of radioactive water will cause serious pollution of the sea

The company is the operator of nuclear power plant emergency TEPCO Fukushima-1 April 5 began dumping at sea of ​​11,500 tons of radioactive water. Discharge of water, say in TEPCO, is needed to free up space in the repository under even more contaminated with radioactive isotopes of water flowing from the damaged reactor station. Environmentalists are concerned about the effects of radiation on marine ecosystems and human health, eating seafood.

Svetlana Alexievich: lessons of Chernobyl are not learned

Living in France politemigratsii famous Belarusian writer Svetlana Alexievich tells the publication Liberation of blind faith in technology. In the April 1986 accident at Chernobyl shook the world. Svetlana Alexievich, author of "Chernobyl Prayer", which deals with events in the world after the crash, said the warning, which has made us the story went unnoticed. And shares his views with the Liberation.

Liberation: "Sometimes I get the impression that I am describing the future" - you write.That future has arrived?

Japan: The worst fears come true. Next to the emergency plant discovered plutonium

Fukushima-1 nuclear power plant goes on record - as the duration of emissions, and their volumes. Emissions of radiation from the reactor and spent fuel storage basins at the plant Fukushima-1 continues the seventeenth day. Dangerous radionuclides fall and into the atmosphere and the ocean. How long will it last, can not say no. Yesterday reported the plutonium contamination ... is finished. Worst fears continue to come true. Next to the emergency plant Fukushima-1 detected plutonium.

Anonymous Anarchist Action hacktivist group founded

A(A)A is the first specifically libertarian communist grouping to emerge out of Anonymous, the world wide hacking network most famous for retaliation operations actions in late 2010 to the attacks on Wikileaks by the US Government.  A(A)A is not a 'split' from Anonymous, but rather a group that works inside Anonymous's decentralised and open structure, focusing on anti-capitalist targets and solidarity initiatives. Possible plans are also being set into motion to enable ways for non-techy anarchists to help with actions, by running a simple program which can then be remotely controlled by the group. Fowever, this is only a possiblity at this point.

Sabotage at the plant FIAT in Poland

FIAT factory workers in the Polish town of Tychy damaged 300 cars last night. Act of sabotage was a damaged car in various ways, for example, in applying deep scratches keys podkladyvanii screws into the engines, cutting the cables and other types of damage. Leadership is now trying to find the saboteurs.

4 days was the attack on the website of "Grandma after the funeral" and "Labour resistance"

никогда не сдавайся!

What are the similarities between the political art group " "of Novosibirsk (kissmybabushka.com) and Site "(antijob.anho.org), except that they openly express their anarchist ideas? Both of these sites are located on the Russian independent activist hosting anho.org.

In Berlin, the largest-Anti-Nuclear mass demonstration in recent decades

This happened on Saturday, September 18. According to organizers, it was attended by about 100 thousand people. The police counted about 40,000 protesters. Protesters marched through the city center, and then formed a human chain around the government quarter in which the Bundestag and the Federal Chancellery. People took to the streets to express their resentment against the policies of the federal government in the field of atomic energy.

The Ukrainian authorities obstruct the working of the company "Ferrexpo"

Kyiv district administrative court banned the All-Ukrainian union, People's Solidarity "in the conduct of a protest against the actions of the company Ferrexpo, aimed at depriving the workers controlled by it Poltava ore mining and processing of their pension benefits.

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