The Ukrainian authorities obstruct the working of the company "Ferrexpo"

Kyiv district administrative court banned the All-Ukrainian union, People's Solidarity "in the conduct of a protest against the actions of the company Ferrexpo, aimed at depriving the workers controlled by it Poltava ore mining and processing of their pension benefits.

On the adopted yesterday by a court decision the protesters to be held today (07/09/1910) from 08.30 to 10.00 in Kiev in front of the General Prosecutor's Office learned from the Interior Ministry, which stopped the picket.

The union does not have "hands" of the court decision, we only know that it was made the administrative court at the suit of Kiev city state administration.

Reference: The recent union, People's Solidarity "held a picket of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, demanding the authorities to accept their legal powers to protect the rights of workers of the Poltava GOK's pension benefits.Today was to be held picketing the General Prosecutor's Office, and Monday, July 12 - Administration of the President of Ukraine.

Employees of one of the largest producers of iron ore concentrate of JSC "Poltava GOK", owned by the Company Ferrexro controlled by a deputy of the Supreme Council of Ukraine Konstantin Zhevago, feel wrongful harassment owners.Company Ferrexro, contrary to the law, attempting to deprive workers of their preferential status, which entitles them to take early retirement, so as to reduce their expenditure on pension contributions.In particular, about 200 truck drivers who deliver from the quarry where the ore extracted for further enrichment, were recently warned about the loss of their pension benefits guaranteed by law under threat of dismissal, within two months.

Career Employees working in heavy conditions: there is a high dust and gas CO2, high radiation background, the effect of powerful electromagnetic fields and neglected gas emissions, including those containing phenol, etc.But the main thing is that according to Ukrainian law, the right to pension benefits (five years earlier than usual) have the right to all workers of quarries that operate at depths exceeding 150 meters, while the pit depth of Poltava GOK is 302 m.

While the illegality of the company's Ferrexro is obvious, the treatment of workers in the competent state authorities remain unanswered.

In particular, the trial of workers against OJSC "Poltava GOK" blocked so that the GOK ignoring a court order granting him the documents required for consideration of the case.With allegations of criminal actions of the leaders Poltava GOK, Poltava Oblast and Komsomolskaya city prosecutor has not yet had they not responded.


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