Ukrainian miners can start an underground strike

In the Donetsk region of two miners Enakievo mines "Red Trade Union" and "Young communard intend to tomorrow not rise to the surface, demanding repayment of debts on wages. This was reported in the press-service Pofsoyuza workers in the coal industry of Ukraine, has been reported that today the personnel of these mines at the general meeting decided to 08.00. tomorrow (July 27) does not rise to the surface as long as there is no paid three-month salary arrears.

According to chairman of the combined primary trade union organization of liquidated mines PMYenakievo Eugene Astanina, "Mine will not sink, pumping will continue to work normally, but rise to the surface people are not going to, they still can not afford to travel to and from work." The trade union are confident that these actions of miners' say about this disaster protests in enterprises. Chairperson of the primary trade-union mines "Young communard Nikolai Kvach emphasized that the Ministry of coal industry come new assurances that the money" is about to come, "but there was not last Tuesday, Friday or today, so miners had lost faith and protests reached its peak.

In turn, chairman of the liquidation commission SE Ukrugletorfrestrukturizatsiya Leonid Chernikov, assured that the funds from Minugleproma for debt repayments already received, is their transfer directly into the banks, where - once on the cards to employees.According to him, "depending on the region's people they can get either this evening or tomorrow morning."E. Astanin, however, notes that people still do not disagree with the mine yard to go home after the meeting, many say they will wait at the mine received the news of the media. And if the promises of the officials once again are not met, starting tomorrow morning, the miners refused to rise to the surface, said E. Astanin.

As reported, July 22 work teams of two liquidated mines Enakievo "Young communard" and "; Red Trade Union ", which produce only pumped mine water, were going to go protest, because the miners of these companies recently received their salaries on April 2 this year 2010.

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