Disturbances lecture series: Rethinking gender roles: Women in the Peruvian Armed Groups (1980-2000)

In Kupoli, Uusi ylioppilastalo, Mannerheimintie 5 B 7th floor on Sunday
April 27th

Food available 4pm, Lecture 4.30pm

Menu: pumpkin soup peruvian rice sliced baked potatoes avocado ice cream for dessert

The last stage of political violence in Peru confronted the Government
with two armed groups: the Shining Path (PCP-SL) and the MRTA (Tupac
Amaru Revolutionary Movement), leaving the Andean country in an internal
conflict for two decades (1980-2000). Female participation in the
conflict was widespread and unexpected, especially in PCP-SL, which led
to construction of a stereotype of women belonging to these groups as
cruel, perverse and unnatural. An ideal reinforced by the Peruvian
governments, media and academia. Presentation emphasizes the social
and political factors which have influenced the presence of women in
wars. It reconstructs the memory of women in both Peruvian groups to
analyse the structural and psychosocial reasons for the involvement of
women as agents of political violence. Particular attention is paid to
the breakdown and reconstruction of the women’s identity that were
forced to perform. An evaluation of the women’s experiences is also
Lecturer is finishing her PhD in Gender Studies on the same topic. She
spent almost 2 years in Peru to carry out her field work. Among other
things, she interviewed several women and men inside jail, some of them
with life sentences.

Exceptionally, this lecture will not be streamed online.

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understand it. Even a small disturbance of an initial condition can lead
a system into a completely different state.
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