Interview with a representative of the fan club Green Ghetto (FC Agrotikos Asteras)

At this time we are back to Thessaloniki. This city is known for many football fans three clubs - PAOK, Aris and Iraklis. But the soccer city life does not end. And we want to introduce you to one of the many small football clubs in Thessaloniki. We go to the western part of Thessaloniki, to introduce you to the club Agrotikos Asteras, which is based in the area of Evosmos. The club supports firm Green Ghetto, who kindly agreed to give us an interview.

- Hi. Introduce yourself to our interview.

- My name is Errikos and I am a fan of Agrotikos Asteras his entire adult life. I am a fan club Green Ghetto since its inception, in the past was in the fan club "Stachyoforoi".

- Tell us about the history of the club.

- Agrotikos Asteras was founded by Greek refugees from Asia Minor in 1932. It was a group of teenagers living in the area Neos Kukluttsas. They were refugees from Smyrna (Izmir). Now we stand in Delta Ethniki (Division 4). And next season will play in the 2nd Football League (Division 3).


- What are the achievements of your club?

- Agrotikos Asteras won the championship of the fourth division (1972) and the third division championship (2005). In 2005, the club also went to the semifinals of the Cup of Greece. Started from the second round, won the clubs Visas Megaron, Kastoria. In the fourth round got on PAOK and made a fantastic victory in the penalty shootout 5-4. Then passed Ergotelis, Ethnikos Asteras and lost in the semifinal AEK.

- How to translate your name?

- Agrotikos - is a village in the Greek language. Asteras - is a star.


- What is your relationship with other teams from Thessaloniki. For example PAOK, Aris, Iraklis, Apollon Kalamaria, Makedonikos, Proodeftiki Toumba.

- Our relationship with PAOK, Aris, Iraklis neutral and we do not contact them. Makedonikos has no the fan club as such, so that we do not see them as something serious. Apollon Kalamaria are our principal opponent. Proodeftiki is a club with fans-anarchists and the whole is left. We respect them for it, but as such there is no relationship.

- I heard that you have friendship with Panserraikos. That's it?

- Yes, we have a very good relationship with Panserraikos. Whenever there is an opportunity Che Guevara Club goes to support us, especially in crucial games. For example, they came to celebrate with us the victory in the final match of the Doxa of Hersey and out team in the third division. Anti-fascism and anti-racism - is what unites us. We also have a good relationship with the group Desperados, fans that support Kallithea (football club from the eponymous area of Athens - approx. Ed.)



- How do you feel about the clubs in nearby cities: Anagennisi Giannitsa and of Epanomi?

- Anagennisi Epanomi do not have a fan club. Anagennisi Giannitsa has left and right fans, a year ago we played with them and fought. But the special relationship - hatred or vice versa friendship we do not have.

- How many people visit the the game Agrotikos Asteras?

- Can be up to 1,500 people in the stadium as a whole, and 50 people on the fan sector.



- Tell us about your stadium ...

- The stadium is named "Agrotikos Asteras Stadium" and can accommodate 2,500 spectators.

- How much are the tickets for the matches?

- 10 euros. But if you know how to get free, and you manage to do it, then you can save a lot of money.

- What kind of relationship do you have with management and players of the club?

- Our relationship with the club and the players are at a high level. A year ago, we had serious financial problems and the club was disbanded, but there were people who helped the team to start all over again. Now the economy of the club in good condition.

- How in your city Thessaloniki popular club Agrotikos Asteras?

- Thessaloniki - a city of three teams - PAOK, Aris, Iraklis and most ultras support them. We are located in the western part of the city, the district Evosmos. There is a serious Fan club PAOK and we can not compete with him. Because the club playing in the lower divisions, we have a small number of fans.

- Tell us about your group. How did it start and what you are now?

- In the 80 years Agrotikos Asteras fans were known as "Stachyoforoi", but the 2007 fan club was disbanded. In 2009, some people who were members of the "Stachyoforoi" decided to found a new Fan club. We wanted to start anew and give the fan club a new name. Green - the color of our club. Well, Ghetto was taken without any particular reason.

- Do you have fan clubs in other cities?

- We do not have fan clubs outside of Thessaloniki, but there are some people who support us.

- What political views in Green Ghetto?

- We are all anti-fascists. Stick to the left and anarchist views.


- What do you think about homophobia and sexism?

- Choice of sexual identity - it is a personal choice of each individual.

- What do you think about the elections and the Greek Parliament?

- There are members of the the fan club who participate in elections and vote for the Communist Party KKE. There are members who choose not to participate in elections. We do not support any party. I would say that we moderate anarchists.

- What do you think about the development of gold mine in Halkidiki?

- Gold mine should not be sold to corporations, as this will lead to contamination of the entire region. Many people from the tourism industry will be unemployed because of pollution and deforestation. Earth, air and trees are not for sale.

- You are taking part in the protests?

- We sometimes participate in such action, mainly against racism. Unfortunately in a march against the gold mining did not participate. April 6, we will participate in the anti-fascist activities in our area Evosmos.

- You drive on away matches?

- This year we went to every away match. In general, we often follow in other cities to support the team. Leave generally in an amount of 20-30 members of the the fan club. Also on away matches ride ordinary people. We go to other cities on our cars, sometimes by bus. Best tour was in Athens a year ago, we went there by train. It was an amazing travel in the spirit of the old ultras.


- Your the fan club has its own room?

- Yes, we have a place where we are going and discussing our plans and prepare for the next match. Also, we're going to have a drink there beer.


- How many police there is at the matches?

- During the match, the cops there are in large numbers.

- You use the pyrotechnics?

- We burn all on the way to the stadium, because cops before the match conduct searches.

- How would you assess the Greek scene today?

- Greek scene is not like in the 80s. Famous teams have a lot of fans, small clubs lose fans every day. Nobody wants to support local teams, all prefer to support big teams.

- Before your firm was more plentiful?

- Several years ago, the stands were full at every match and Agrotikos Asteras had a lot of fans. We traveled to other cities numbering 100 ultras.

- Which scene in Europe seems to you the most powerful?

- In Europe, I like Roma. In Serbia and Russia are serious fans, they have a lot of hooligans. However, I am strongly against Nazism in the stands.

- What are your plans for the future in your group?

- We want to become more powerful ultra-group and continue to unite inhabitants of the region to support the local club.

- Your wishes to the Russian anti-fascists.

- I want you to continue our struggle despite any difficulties.



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