Perm for Khimki forest

In Perm, today, August 20, held a picket in support of the defenders of Khimki woods and arrested anti-fascists Gaskarova Alexey and Maxim Solopova. The rally was organized by the anarchists, Trotskyists and conservationists around the building prosecutors Perm.

Protesters demanding a halt to deforestation and the release of Alexei Gaskarova and Maxim Solopova. The rally was held under the slogan "Save the Russian forest," "Freedom for political prisoners", "Plant trees, not people", "No prosecution politaktivistov", "No wood - can not breathe," "Release Gaskarova and Solopova.

The activists raised money for lawyers for Alexis and Maxim and handed out leaflets describing the conflict over the Khimki woods.Ekozaschitnitsa Valentine Ogloblina told that in Perm now exacerbated the situation with the logging on the street Sumy, where forested areas gave a cottage building, Permian forests too are threatened.

During the campaign there was an incident with police.They claimed that the slogans "No prosecution politaktivistov!" and "Freedom for political prisoners!" short of the goal action, claimed as "an expression of public opinion about the state of Russian forests. As a result, at the end of the picket was detained its organizer, Konstantin Tolkachev. He was taken to the Leninsky district police department, where he drew up a report on administrative violation under Art. 20.2 (violation of the rules for a public event). The court is scheduled for 9 am on August 23.


The section devoted to the struggle for the preservation of Khimki woods and release of the arrested anti-fascists Gaskarova A. and M. Solopova

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