Preliminary program published: Second Baltic Anarchist Winter Meeting 4th of January 2015 in Helsinki

Program is preliminary, follow updates from this page.    11:00 — 12:15 Anti-eviction struggles in Milan   There are around 4000 flats occupied for housing purposes in Milan. Authorities have threaten to evict 200 of these every months, and as a measure against it, anti-eviction breakfasts have been organised. Demonstrations, marches, neighbourhood and town meetings have been organised on daily basis.    12:30 — 13:45 Presentations of anarchist and anti-authoritarian groups present   13:45 — 14:45 Lunch   14:45 — 16:00 Fennovoima-Rosatom nuclear power initiative and campaigns against it   In the beginning of December 2014, Finnish parliament renewed decision of construction of Nuclear Power Plant by Fennovoima, and soon permissions of compulsory purchase of the required land area were granted. Russian state monopoly Rosatom, which is also producing nuclear arms will provide both reactor technology and be a main shareholder of the joint company. In this working group, this project and Rosatom activity are being discussed. We will discuss how the project has been opposed this far, and which kind of campaigning is planned.    (in parallel) Organising of anti-fascist movement in Finland    16:15 — 17:30 Anarchy as a safer space - feminist issue   the idea of anarchy as a struggle with all the kinds of power and oppression is really close to the idea of intersectional feminism which is aimed to create a safer space without discrimination and coercive hierarchies. anarchist movement by its theory is open for involvement of people of different genders - but is it the same on its practise? Which obstacles do the womyn and LGBTIQ people meet in the movement? what are the tools to overcome these obstacles? This discussion is an invitation to reflect on these topics and to find out what are the mechanisms in the anarchist movement to be a safer space for people of different genders and different sexualities.   17:45 — 19:00 No TAV-movement, enviromental impact of high speed railways and grassroots resistance    TAV is a high speed train project from Lyon to Turin. The most important No Tav struggle is located in Susa Valley, near Turin, where people have been resisting for two decades against the project. During this ongoing long-term struggle, the original purpose to prevent environmental devastation and senseless squander of public money, turn into a broad process of political self-determination against systemic corruption.   19:00 — 20:00 Dinner   20:00 — 21:00 Evaluation discussion and discussion on continuation of BAWM

The first Baltic Anarchist Winter Meeting was held in Helsinki in January 2014. After a successful first meeting a second edition will follow on Sunday January 4th, 2015.

The Baltic Anarchist Meeting was organized for the first time in Tallinn, Estonia in May 2012. The purpose of the gathering is to exchange experiences and to create co-operation networks among anarchists around the Baltic Sea. Previously the programs have included the following topics: promoting anarchism to the general public, presentations of projects and groups, support in the anarchist community, and anti-fascist activities. The program will be put together according to the wishes and suggestions of participants.

Participants from all around the world are very welcome, but we especially hope to see people from the countries around the Baltic Sea, individual activists as well as those participating in different groups.

The meeting organizers promise free vegan meals to every visitor from abroad. Due to this, we ask locals to contribute a solidarity price of 5-7 euros for each meal.

Registration of guests is now finished. You are still welcome to join, as all the events will be open, but accomodation will not be provided anymore. 


Hope to see you there!

Organized by Anarchist Black Cross Helsinki and AutOp. 




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