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15 July in Moscow, recalled Natalia Estemirova and victims of political terror

July 15 About 50 people took part in a picket in central Moscow to mark the anniversary of the murder human rights activist Natalya Estemirova. Estemirova was kidnapped and killed July 15, 2009 in Chechnya. A year later, law enforcement has reported on completion of the investigation - they all blame lies with the militants Alhazura Bashaeva, which, according to police, was killed in November 2009. It is difficult to provide more convenient for the authorities of the result: no one to judge, the case can be closed, in Chechnya everything is fine, except the guns of the Nedobitko ", which will soon end.The other members abduction investigators, apparently to seek and do not intend to.

Friends Estemirova, closely followed the progress of the investigation, noted that investigators have conducted investigations only those who worked on "version Bashaeva. Many other potential evidence that could bring on the trail of the kidnappers and murderers, just have not been studied.

Natalia Estemirova worked on several cases together with Stanislav Markelov. It is to her, we asked, when Stas died to ask lawyers to complete the search of his Chechen affairs.But it was very difficult: in some cases could not even find all - no contact relatives in the other something it was difficult to do because besides Stas, no one knew at what point are wrangling with prosecutors and courts. In March of 2009, Natasha was in Moscow just in those days, when we finally have been able to march and rally memory Markelov and Baburova. There I met her in person. She spoke from the rostrum of the rally a little about the activities of Stas in Chechnya.When we call up a few times, and in July it was gone.

After the picket in the Memorial, "an evening of memory of Natalia Estemirova, which talked a lot about it. Everyone knows that the murder of Natasha is another link in the chain of political assassinations in recent years, sweeping our country. Internet echo state terror. It is ridiculous to believe that Natasha was the target of militants. Much more it is interfered with "people in the form of" vested with power and willing to do everything in Chechnya that they will be profitable and convenient.

On the evening in the "Memorial" recalled the many other victims of political terror: anti-fascists, journalists, human rights activists and scholars.Older people called the names from the 1990's, which I have never heard of. Young people - the names of the dead over the past three years, anti-fascists. We talked about how important it is to their cause has not died with them. Only then can show that the killing of activists is useless. In their place is always arise others.


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