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France: demonstration against xenophobia

4 September in France have been demonstrations against xenophobia. Activities were successful - a lot of people came to express their protest against the racist government policies and the strengthening of police control. Of course, the demonstration itself will change little, but serious mobilization gives us confidence in future successes in the fight against xenophobia, both the State and against the future of reforms in the social sphere.


At the forefront of the columns of protesters marched Roma (they are called here rromy, ca.transl.). Today they are the target of xenophobic policies. Anarchist Federation has prepared and distributed stickers with inscribed on the background of a black triangle with the word "Rome" - a reference to the racist policies in the past, which we mistakenly believed kanuvshey in the summer.

Gypsies, like many members demonstrations appreciated the fact that it is trusted gypsies first place in the column of protesters. We, the anarchists of the alternatives Liberter and the Federation of Anarchists, were pleasantly surprised to see how many people coming to our common column for leaflets, joined us, and therefore transcends our position.Thus, the mobilization was successful, especially considering the magnitude of stocks across the country and in the French embassies in several European countries.

But note: we do not advocate a single "holy alliance" against the strengthening of social control and social policy currently available. We remember the expulsion of illegal migrants, involving numerous left-wing forces.We do not forget that the Left forces were involved in the privatization of the economy sektrov more than right! Betrayed by the trade unions also do not erase from our memory. We are not ready to forget all this, and we do not go in the wake of today's leftists attempting, once again, to make us believe that everything can be decided by vote, if only we vote for them.
We welcome all those who came to the demonstration this Saturday, September 4, and all those who intend to protest further. The struggle continues!



Federation Ananrhistov participated in demonstrations in many cities of France, protesting against the atrocities committed against the Roma.

Source: Blog of Beton Arme FA

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