Bombs to foreign embassies in Greece

On Tuesday afternoon in Athens, a bomb exploded in the territories of the embassies of Greece and Russia. Three bombs sent by mail to the Embassy of Bulgaria, Chile and Germany, were intercepted and defused by police. Another bomb was intended for German Chancellor Angela Merkel (the sender's address: Department of Economics in Greece). Even earlier, on Monday, have been thwarted attempts to send a bomb to the office of French President Nicolas Sarkozy and the Embassy of the Netherlands, Mexico and Belgium.

In the bombings were no injuries. Terrorism expert Mary Bossis: "The bombs were of insufficient capacity to cause human casualties, but enough to shatter the message around the world." Police believe that these shares Greek anarchists tend to attract international support for their revolutionary struggle.As the motive is said to want to draw attention to the economic crisis in Greece and Europe and to the role played in the national governments of EU member states, as well as to strike at the country, in prisons where inmates are anarchists.From the perspective of police motives anarchist solidarity and support to explain the choice of the embassies.

During the police response had been arrested two young men (22 and 24 years). One of them is accused of having links with revolutionary cells of Fire "(SPF). Another five people 21-30 years old are wanted.


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