Japan: From the Fukushima nuclear power plant emissions develop cancer up to 420 thousand people

According to new calculations, one of the leading scholars of international organizations - the European Committee on Radiation risk (ECRR), Japan will overtake the wave of cancer due to radioactive emissions from nuclear power plants Fukushima-1. Scientists predict that up to 420,000 new cases of cancer of the release of radiation from nuclear power plants Fukushima-1 will be diagnosed in over 50 years in Japan. Necessary to extend the exclusion zone to 100 miles in a northwesterly direction and evacuate the population.

Among the 3 million people living within a radius of 100 km from the Fukushima nuclear power plant-1, if they remain in their homes during the year will be diagnosed with nearly 200000 cases of cancer in the next 50 years.

Half of these cases will be diagnosed in the next 10 years. If the population will be immediately evacuated - the number of cases of cancer drops significantly.

Among the 7 million people living within a radius of 100 km and 200 km from the Fukushima nuclear power plant-1, will be diagnosed with approximately 220 000 cases of cancer in the next 50 years. Over the next 10 years will be diagnosed with 100 000 cases.

Number of cancer cases can be reduced if the evacuation of all who live within 100 km from the nuclear power plant in north-west direction and make it the exclusion zone.In addition, it is necessary to impose sanctions against the officials to withhold information from the population, as well as to those who deliberately spreads the media statements belittle the risks to public health.

"Scientists predict 420,000 cases of cancer and it's only a 200 km radius of the plant.There is no doubt that radioactive particles will be distributed on the territory of Japan and other countries, so the figure is likely to grow. There is a risk and other diseases, especially in pregnant women and children born later this year. This demonstrates the enormous danger comes from only one plant, "- said Vladimir Slivyak, co-chair of the group" Ekozashchita! ".

"In Russia there are 32 nuclear reactors, of which 22 - most are old and dangerous, on the verge of making a resource or have already stepped planned service life. Prolonging the service life of these reactors, Rosatom puts people at risk Russia's "Fukushima".

Read the new report ECRR (in English) can be here .

The group "Ecodefense" ("Ecodefense")


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