More than half the audience of a site supports the action of direct action around Khimki Administration

Site immediately after the rally on July 28 in Khimki, conducted a survey of its visitors, which was attended by 605 people. Site Visitors were asked the following question: "The anarchists smashed administration Khimki for logging. And you have picked up a cobblestone, if under your windows, cut down the forest? ". Most respondents (30%) stated that they "are not ready, but if other methods will not stay ..." - that is, expressed their potential willingness to participate in such actions, if in their life will have a very urgent problem, and other methods will not work .27% expressed the unconditional willingness to "pick up a cobblestone.

24% lean towards more radical methods: they chose the option "There does not need a boulder, and a gun and" red rooster ". 10% reported that in no case will not take cobbles, as they are "for peaceful solution to the problems." "Allow logging for major projects" 4% "live in the desert here a forest, no stones" another 5%.

Of course, the Declaration on the Internet is one thing, real life - other. How many of the voters "ready" or make a gun and cock will go to real action, the big question.But this poll and the reaction on blogs and forums on the events in Khimki show that the power of the people got so categorically that even liberal scribes say that with such authority, the people have the right to revolt.


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