New project in Moscow Antiracist Initiative "Direct Help"

Antifascist and antiracist movement is growing, and much more often faces with repressions and provocations from the State and neo-Nazis. That's why in the end of March we organized an Antiracist Initiative (further A.I.) "Direct Help", which united not indifferent people from antifascist and human rights movements. We are glad to show you the first activity report inside of a months of our initiative.

 During short existence of A.I. "Direct Help", we organized several musical gigs to collect money for families of our dead friends. Also a part of money to be spent on was for support of antifascists, in respect of which were initiated criminal cases.

We express thanks for such bands as: 210, No One Else, Maskit, Bystreet, What We Feel, My Terror (Germany) and others, who supported our initiative.

Our activity wasn't limited to just musical gigs. On 24th and 25th of April 2010 A.I. "Direct Help" together with magazine "Made in Moscow", held the first Antiracist five-a-side Tournament. In the tournament took part 26 teams. The winners took prizes, but the most important thing was that people spent quality time. In after days we are planning to held tournaments from now forth. We hope, that this tournament will be heart-warming tradition, as mix fight tournament "Don't give up!". Sport will help us to reach the aims, as inside, so outside the movement.

On 8th of May 2010 A.I. "Direct Help" organized a seminar-meeting with Moscow and Moscow Region antiracists and antifascists. There were 100 people on the event.

In the seminar took part:

- Alexey "Shkobar'" Olesinov with lecture upon a subject "Human life and behavior in places of deprivation of freedom"

- Human right activist Dmitry Gorodov with lecture upon a subject "Communicating with law enforcement"

People asked them different questions and were given answers for them. Also members of seminar were given inserts for passport with information about rights of detained (as administrative case, so criminal case).

In after days A.I. "Direct Help" will help imprisoned antiracists and antifascists, like Alexey Bychin, also organization of legal area for antiracist and antifascist movement.

Our initiative is legal and opened for every not indifferent person. You can help us by:

- organizing a cell of A.I. "Direct Help" in your city;

- attracting lawyers and human right activists for protection rights and freedoms of antiracists and antifascists;

- funding money, yandex money: 41001565810855

To avoid change of yandex money number by neo-Nazi, get information at the fountain-head. We trust following web-sites:

We express thanks for everyone, who took part in our events and helped us. We will continue to inform you about our activity. Don't be indifferent! Don't forget about heroes and stay strong. We wait for your letters and suggestions.

P.S. For those, who haven't heard yet about our initiative, here is short information:

"Direct Help" isn't a party or movement. We were not going to take part in political struggle or act for public interests. Our initiative is organized to help antifascists and antiracists, who faced lawless action of the State and repression from power structure.

In Russia nowadays opposition to neo-Nazi became a crime. More antifascists and antiracists fall victim to repressions from the State and get into jail. They need legal and material help, which they won't get from anyone, but us. We unite human right activists; lawyers and not indifferent people to help our comrades.

Our activity is based on:

- rendering legal assistance for antifascists and antiracists, who were detained or arrested;

- costs of lawyers for antifascists and antiracists, in respect of which were initiated criminal cases;

- moral and material support for families of dead antifascists and antiracists;

- moral and material support for imprisoned antifascists and antiracists;

- organization of seminars, trainings and meeting with lawyers for antifascists and antiracists.

Just remember: making charitable contribution for our cash account, maybe, you help yourself.

Yandex Money:




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