No senseless wars! Refusing to kill is not a crime!

In the modern world every single life is considered to be the highest value but wars are not on the decrease, people keep on dying and staying crippled, keep on running away from the places they were born because their homeland has turned to ruins. And those, who try to protest against war have arraignment, followed by prison sentence. We going to take issue with that! We support all soldiers-antimilitarists, who refuse to take part in military action!
Today, 4th of March, near the British Embassy was organised a picket in support of lance corporal Joe Glenton, one of those, who could say, what millions of people all over the world want to say. All those people want the same thing - to stop senseless wars and murders.

In the picket anarchists, leftists, members of Autonomous Action and animal liberation activists took part. Activists became an alive banner, put on T-shirts with letters, forming slogan: "No war", also members of the picket held posters with demand to drop all charges against Joe Glenton, with the call for peace and with illustration, how soldiers are used as cannonfodder. Members of the picket spread antiwar leaflets to passerbies, also activists gave written request to the embassy employee with explanation of Joe's situation. The part of this request read: "We support the decision of Joe Glenton and other soldiers, who refuse to take part in military action in Afghanistan. And if Joe Glenton will be convicted, it means only one thing: millions of people all over the world, who refuse to kill and protest against war are also guilty!"
Picket lasted for about 2 hours, after that activists went to the metro station.  

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