Russian Anti-fascists are facing charges for making a movie

(This is a partial English translation of a program, aired in Dozhd TV channel 17th of August, which is embedded below.)

Center of Counteraction Against Extremism ("E-Center") in the city of Vladimir did not liked amateur movie "Russian anti-racist skinheads", and they opened a criminal case against makers of the film. According to them, film incited hatred against "social group of skinheads and nationalists".
Ilya Vasyunin: Movie was first screened one year ago. I was in one of the secret screenings in Moscow. It is dangerous to publicly screen such movies, as such an event may be attacked by "social group of nationalists".

Film includes cuts from concerts of anti-fascist bands and interviews of such bands, from Russia and other countries of former Soviet Union.

Author visited several cities and screened the film, and in one of these cities, in Vladimir, he was detained. This happened one week ago, and soon he learned, that a criminal case has been opened against him.

Andrei Ivanov, author of the film: I came to the city of Vladimir, and I was arrested by E-Center officials. First they made drug tests, which did not revealed anything, alcometer also showed zero intoxication. I was detained and I spent in a police station all night, next day I was transferred to prosecution administration of the Vladimir region.

Movie does not include any calls - its purpose is just to show existence of such a subculture.

Sidorkina, lawyer of Ivanov: According to the prosecution, "Ivanov on purpose, with a goal of inciting hate or animosity according to membership in a social group of "skinheads", with nationalistic ideas, made a public movie screening of video "Russian anti-racist skinheads". Currently in all major cities, such as Nizhni Novgorod and Moscow, criminal cases are opened against Antifa.

Ilya Vasunin: This is not the first time, when statute 282 of the Russian criminal codex ("inciting hate against a group") is used against anti-
fascists. But this far no anti-fascists have been sentenced according to the statute, so it remains to be seen, how the case will stand on court.


To download Russian version of the film:

To watch English version of the film in the youtube:

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