Documentary "The End of Civilization" (Franklin Lopez) 2011

If your native land captured by aliens, who have destroyed forests and poisoned food stocks, would you resist? If beings from outer space have made the water so toxic that you would not even think about might be to drink it, you would have tried to stop them? If the monster sprayed toxic chemicals that would cause cancer in people you love, you have fought with them? These are not empty questions. All this is happening now, except that there is no newcomers. Culture, groomed us from birth - a murderer.

END: CIV illustrates the brutality of civilization, dependent on systematic violence and destruction of the environment, and the heroism of all those who oppose it face to face.Fast graphics, interviews, surveys and military satire mocked the excesses of the global economic system, even while it crumbles around us.

Based on the bestselling book "Endgame" (Endgame) Derrek Jensen (Derrick Jensen), END: CIV begins with the approval of the harsh reality that all civilizations eventually come to an end. Ancient Maya dynasties of China and the mighty Roman Empire, such prolonged by their existence, and powerful, inevitably ended in destruction.Western Civilization is no different from them. She dies, but not fast enough.

Jensen asks: "If civilization will last another following one or two hundred years, then people will say there about us:" Why they did not destroy it? "Will they also are angry at us, as I am angry at those who came before me and did not has made? I can very clearly hear the voices of those who will live after us, saying: "If they killed her in our soil continues to live earthworms to feed her.We would still have been mammoth forest and oaks in California. We would still live frogs. And other amphibians. I'm hungry, because the river is no longer usual salmon, and you're allowed to destroy the whole salmon to rich people had cheap electricity for aluminum smelters. Damn. Be all you're damned. "

Some of the interviews used in the film includes interviews with Captain Paul Watson of Sea Shepherd Society and the writers James Howard Kunstler (The Long Emergency), Gord Hill (500 Years of Indigenous Resistance), Waziyatawin (For Indigenous Eyes Only), Lierre Keith ( The Vegetarian Myth) and Stephanie McMillan (Minimum Security).Lopez interviews activists Aboriginal tribe Qwatsinas (Nuxalk Nation), and Rod Coronado (Pascua Yaqui); environmental activists Steven Best, Zoe Blunt, Dru Oja Jay, Macdonald Stainsby and many others.

On directed by Franklin Lopez

Lopez, who was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, is the leading news of the political show called "It's the End of the World as We Know It and I Feel Fine". In 2005, his video-remix called "George Bush Don ' t Like Black People ", was released after Hurricane Catarina, reached a million hits and received approval in the offices of New York Times and Washington Post. Wired Magazine said his project subMedia.TV including a list of the top 10 online video sites in the same year, Lopez began working with Amy Goodman (Amy Goodman) on the transfer of Democracy Now!

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