Greece: Three defendants in the case of the group "Revolutionary Struggle" were released

Hristoforos Kortesis, Evangelos "Vaggelis" Statopulos and Sarantos Nikitopulos (three of the six detainees accused of involvement in the urban guerrilla group "Revolutionary Struggle") released by the decision of the Court of Appeal on April 5. All three - the anarchists, has repeatedly denied the charges against them and unjustly pursued by on the basis of mere political and companionship. Conducting business and its fabrication, which resulted in the arrested have stayed a year in prison, suspended. In the near future of our comrades to stand trial.

The Court of Appeal in accordance with the Decree number 807/2011 has replaced the decision to remand Hristoforosa Kortesisa, Vaggelisa Statopulosa and Sarantosa Nikitopulosa on bail. According to the decree Hristoforos Kortesis and Vaggelis Statopulos must pay a deposit size in the three thousand euros each, while they are forbidden to leave the country, and they are required twice a month to report to the police station in the community. The same restrictive measures were applied against SaranTosa Nikitopulosa except for bail.

Period of detention extended to other members of "Revolutionary Struggle": Nicosia Maziotisu, his friend Panayiotou "Paul" Rupe and Kostas Gurnasu.



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