ravoslavie or the law

On July 16 about 14 hours before the Russian Embassy in Kyiv hosted theatrical event "Orthodoxy or the law," a gesture of solidarity with Yu Samodurov, A. Erofeev, EA Hades, A. Chasovskikh and other victims of religious fanaticism.

During hehe three activists, depicting a religious fanatic, read out the text-handling, which described the cases of clerical censorship and persecution of artists in the Russian Federation. Also mentioned is not so well known, but similar in essence episodes that took place in Ukraine.Then aktsionisty struck a wooden stake, the image of Themis, demonstrating the triumph of religious fanaticism of the law. The apparent allusion to the action of the Union of Orthodox Horugvenostsev, breaking an aspen stake portrait Madonna.
To bring an action before the end prevented the protection of the embassy. The security guard asked to stop chanting, and, despite the correct and polite behavior aktsionistov, vnyavshih his request, tried to detain and ProvenceTee with him one of the activists of the organization "Free Union / Free Thought." guard the embassy ceased its illegal actions only after the organizer of the rally started to call human rights defenders.
Here is the text which was read at the rally:

Today we are gathered here to celebrate the triumph of religion over the law.
July 12, Tagans'kyi court in Moscow declared Andrei Erofeev and Yuri Samodurov guilty of inciting religious hatred for the holding of the exhibition "Forbidden Art", which in the view of nationalist organizations is an insult to the feelings of believers!

Anathema! Anathema! Anathema!

The court fully supported the position of far-right organizations, People's Council and the Union of Orthodox Horugvenostsev, standing on the side of orthodox believers.Freedom of speech, freedom of expression and other human rights retreated to religion.

The glory of Christ, Death of the Anti-Christ!
The glory of Christ, Death of the Anti-Christ!

We are gathered here, dressed in shirts of the Union of Orthodox Horugvenostsev. Moscow Orthodox activists have become famous for its shares in the course of which they burned the book and break through the portraits of an aspen stake.We do not have the same beautiful leather pants and bushy beards like this horugvenostsev, but we also have aspen stakes.
We're going to break this spike image of Themis, a sign of the final victory of orthodoxy over the law.

Orthodoxy or LAW!
Orthodoxy or LAW!

He pierces the image of Themis wooden stake

We also want to say that it Erofeev and Samodurova - not the last and is not unique.In Voronezh, a banner with a quote from Nietzsche blasphemous "God is dead" was brought against Andrea Chasovskikh. Painter acknowledged extremist and during one of the educational talks broke his rib. As a result he was forced to leave the Russian Federation.
Right now fabricated a case against artist Elena Hades, which is blamed Russophobia and insulting the feelings of believers.

Anathema! Anathema! Anathema!

Nationalists and religious fanatics are now dictating its will to justice, and this situation is not a purely Russian achievement.Right now here in Kiev are protracted lawsuits against artists and activists Alexander Volodarskogo, Andrei and Sergei Movchanov, fabricated with the participation and commissioned by the clerics.
The slogan "Orthodoxy, or the law" will soon become relevant for Ukraine.

Orthodoxy or LAW!

With this action, we tried to focus public attention on the problem of clericalism. The reactionary, ultra-conservative wing of the church is often a cover for outright Nazis and obscurantist whosuccessfully dictate its will on society under cover of the clergy.
Past event - the first in the anticlerical campaign by the organization of voluntary association.


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