Avtonom #25 English summary. Summer - Autumn 2005

Our autumn issue has already been out from print for 3 months but for
various reasons we are doing international mailout only now. (we will do part of the mailout with #26 which will be out from print in a month). Avtonom is a pseudo-quarterly journal by of Autonomous Action, which developed from a network to a libertarian communist federation January 2002, after two years of existence. Currently Autonomous Action has local groups in 13 cities of Russia and Belarus, and supporters and friends in Kazakhstan and Ukraine.
This is our 10 year celebration issue, so in the first centerfold you will
find some flashbacks from first years of chaos. sorry, self-organised
society of free individuals in Black Sea rim. This issue also includes a
2-colour A2 size poster with text "1995-2005: 10 years in struggle against
power, capital and poverty of everyday life - for self-governance and free
communism!"). Another included 2-colour A2 size poster features prisoners of
our movement worldwide with photographs addresses to correspond with them -
Olga Nevskaya, Francesco Porcu, Marco Camenish, Tomek Wilkoszevski, Ojore
Nuru Lutalo, Claudio Lavazza, Jeffrey "Free" Luers, Thomas Meyer-Falck and
Harold Thompson. You may see small take of the posters in

We tried to pick up prisoners with longer sentences, in order create
commitment for longstanding support work. You may order both of the posters
also without journal, they cost 12 cents. we are afraid our prisoner support
poster will not get much outdated pretty soon.

It is very difficult to get foreign radical press and texts in Russia, so we
are interested to expand our mailing list - if you know people who would be
interested to read our materials, please contact them for us! Currently
German correspondence is done by Nizhni Novgorod section, Italian and
Spanish by our members in Tyumen and all other languages in in Moscow -
please send press with respective languages to cities dealing with
respective correspondence. In another hand, mailing out is so expensive that
we would like to post our papers only to people who understand what is
written in them...

Relevant addresses are the following:

(do not write names of the group to envelopes, please! Never publish or
distribute our addresses without this note!)

Autonomous Action of Moscow and editorial collective of Avtonom
P. O. Box 13
109028 Moscow Russia
adm AT avtonom DOT org
avtonom AAT avtonom dt org

Autonomous Action of Nizhni Novgorod (German correspondence)
P. O. Box 25
603104 Nizhni Novgorod Russia
ad_nn AATT mail DUT ru

Tyumen (Spanish and Italian correspondence)
P.O. Box 4481
625001 Tyumen Russia
roustam_f IN hotmail dot com

Our federal site is

Our paper costs 35 rubles or one $/euro, ground mail abroad is additional 2
$/euros. Before ordering our paper, check out if some our international
distributors close to you has copies left. If you want to join this list,
you are welcome!

P.O. Box 1
1199 Sofia
anarchy AAT bulgaria DDoTT com

PL 60 00531 Helsinki
tasajako ATT anarkismi ddt net

Infoshop Teror 13
directa AAT freemail dot com dot mk

Het Fort van Sjakoo
Jodenbreestraat 24 1011 NK Amsterdam
info AAAT sjakoo DOT nl

Infoszop ul. Targowa 22 Warszawa Poland

Avtonom #25 English summary. All articles in Russian language

Cover: Blockade of Otradniy city administration 8th of August 2005 by
protest campers.

Page 2: Avtonom 10 years. commemorations and citates from the first issues.

Page 3: Sturdy and perpetual! Reprint from Avtonom #3, 1995 (English
translation available in http://www.ainfos.ca/05/jul/ainfos00235.html)
Page 4: Fifth general meeting of Autonomous Action - direct democracy in
action. (Available in English in


Page 5: From Leont'evsky side street to FSB reception - anarchist Mayday
2005 in Moscow by comrade Neugomoniy (a report of the same event in English
available http://www.ainfos.ca/05/may/ainfos00030.html)
Page 6: Red and black flags over "Fregat" - Siberian social forum and
Siberian libertarian forum in Tomsk in July 2005.
Page 7: "We hate your G8" - actions against G8 in Scotland in July 2005.

Page 10: "Enough!" - Revenge with raining bricks by 64 year old pensioner
Raisa Gumenyuk against yuppie cars in her street.

Page 11: Meeting of coordinatory councils, formed during protests against
monetarization of social benefits, in Perm in July 2005. Protest of street
musicians in St. Petersburg. Student protests around Russia in May-June

Page 13: "Blossoming anarchy in Pryamukhino" - Pryamukhino readings in home
village of Bakunin 3rd-4th of July 2005 on theme "Anarchism, social
revolution and terrorism".

Page 14: "Occupy chimney - reclaim you life!" - Ecological protests in
Otradniy of Samara region in summer of 2005. (For a chronology of actions in
English, go to http://www.alter.most.org.pl/fa/php/showart.php?artid=326)
Page 15: "Diary of struggle for birch grove" - residents struggle for a
garden in Tyumen of Siberia, repression against squatters in Amsterdam.

Page 16: Anarchists against homophobia in Poland, mayday in Athens.

Page 17: Ongoing peasant insurrection in China, anarchist Mayday in Bogota
of Colombia - we will not forget Nicolas!


Page 18: "Reclaim the city" by Nataliya Dmitrievna. In defence of anarchists
hitting the streets, no matter the odds."Revolutionary moments are carnivals
in which the individual life celebrates its unification with a regenerated
society" (Raoul Vaneigem, The Revolution of Everyday Life).

English translation of this article is online in

Page 20: "It is trendy now" by Putin187, on state and not only attempts to
recuperate anti-fascism in Russia. (Available in English in


Page 21: "Pseudo-suicide", autobiographical account of "Olga" on her
adventures in Russian mental health institutions in her early teen years

Page 22: "Elementary military training", Yuri Yurkovich looks back military
education in schools in Soviet times, in a wake of new attempts to
militarize schools (http://yurkovets.livejournal.com/).

Page 23: Announcements of anti-militarists stuff available in our distro
(including hilarious propaganda films army itself has produced in order to
discipline conscripts!).

Thematic pages on "Economy of present", with a preface by Arina Maykhova,
feature several examples of mutual aid in practice, such as Bookcrossing,
"Free coffee", club "Discussion" in a Moscow suburb, "Collectif Sans
Ticket" in various cities of Belgium, "Association for development of a
network of mutual information and creativity" in France and free exchange in
pages of weekly paper "Okruga" in Moscow. .

Proletarian terrace

Page 27: Our sports pages feature text "Nature of a record" - a fraction
from a book "Olympics and the new world order" of Lyubodrag Simonovich,
Yugoslavian basket ball player and Olympic gold medalist, defector and
lately an activist against International Olympic Committee.


Page 28: "Post-modern Leninism", our columnist Komuan goes unmasking Toni

History of libertarian movement

Page 29: "A true human being" - Pyotr Ryabov pays tribute to Petr Petrovich
Siuda, a worker, revolutionary and late anarcho-syndicalist, participator of
1962 uprising in Novocherkassk, who grew up in children's homes (his father
was shot by NKVD 1937 and mother sent to camps). Siuda got a 12 year prison
sentence for his role in the uprising, but kept on fighting ever since,
attempting to investigate events surrounding massacres of workers in
Novocherkassk that followed the uprising. In 1990 he was murdered by
"persons unknown" due to his investigations.


Page 32: "P.A.Kropotkin and problem of revolutionary terrorism" (excerpted)
by O.V.Budnitskiy ".Terror should grow from below, it is a task of a
revolutionary anarchist to participate in it, if he feels that this or that
act of terror is corresponding with mood of the masses and will be
understood by them."

Page 34: "Anarchists and terror in past and today" by V.D.Dyube. ".terror is
possible as an extreme act of self-defence, of personal responsibility and
protest against tyranny, but not as a cold, total and centralistic system,
planned in single headquarters and realized by foot soliders..:"

Page 35: "From where to search revolutionary potential" by Slavomir Zizek,
originally published in Adbusters #57 (English version is available online

Anarchist Black Cross

Page 36: A massive attack against anarchists in Italy

Page 37: ELF and ALF hunted by FBI in USA, "Cocktails against war" (on
Brendon Walsh), "Mehmet loves Baris" (imprisonment of anarchist total
objector Mehmet Tarhan in Turkey).

Mother of order # 10 - anarcho-feminist bulletin inside Avtonom

Page 37: In this issue of "Mother of order" we published two articles, which
were printed a decade ago in British anarcho-communist journal "Organise!
#37" but have not lost their actuality a bit, acticles take two opposite
perspectives on porno industry - "Pornography, sex and social control" and
an interview with Awedon Carol from "Feminists Against Censorship".
Unfortunately this back issue of Organise! is print only.

Kind fists - skinhead bulletin inside Avtonom

Page 43: "Mutiny will change this world!" - Interview with Italian band
Klasse Kriminale

Page 45: Our new series of advice for the streets launches with hints on how
to give first aid against stab wounds.

Radical lazybones #8 - paper version of http://www.antijob.tk, Network of
Workplace Resistance

Page 46: "A journey Croatan - factory fascism and office oligarchy" by
Mikhail Magid on ideas of Bob Black and not only.
Page 49: Short class struggle news - campaign against Coca-Cola corporation'
s use of conscripts as slave labor in Samara, leaflet campaign for workers
of Academy of Languages in Moscow, new bulletin for fast food chain workers,
workers of Region Ekspress in Saratov left their company and expropriated
all property bosses falsely claimed as theirs, white collar protests in
Moscow Estate Investment Agency, sabotage of an Internet-Service Provider
worker causes damage worth of 20 000 - 30 000 dollars in Penza region where
more than 1000 people were given free internet access (identity of this net
communist is yet to be discovered), Siberian boss looses a libel case
against union which called him as slaveholder.


Page 50: "Make Media, Make Trouble: Hacking the Infocalypse" by Luther
Blisset translated by Magduv. (English version of the article available in

Page 52: Music reviews: Loa-Loa, Dabac, Dveri, Gorshok, Distress, Teoriya
Khaosa, 2H Company, Fightback & Educated Scum split, When my Authorities
Fall & Argument 5.45 split.

Page 54: Billboard Liberation front part 1. (translated from

Page 56: Book review of Voline's "Unknown revolution", at last translated to
Russian language, by Pyotr Ryabov.

Page 57: "Bitch", a column by Gibel

Page 58: "What do we want" - have a guess.

Page 59: All 4 the $$$...

Page 60: Poem "Black flag" by Gibel (final part).

Author columns

Владимир Платоненко

The worst thing Putin has done in Ukraine is to reconcile the authorities with the people. The president has turned from an object of universal criticism into the Ukrainian Charles de Gaulle.1 The general of the Ukrainian Interior Ministry offers to deliver himself to the Russian army in...

11 months ago
Антти Раутиайнен

The results of the first 30 years of “democracy” in Ukraine are, to put it mildly, unconvincing. The economy and the media are in the hands of rival oligarchs, corruption is at staggering levels, economic development lags behind many African countries, and in addition, the country has become the...

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