Solidarity action with Turkish comrades

Freedom of speech is general right, which is guaranteed by the State, but no one guaranties the freedom after you would say something. Heightened attention of the State locked on "thoughtcrimes" and rumbles of opposition of all kinds leads us to think... They try to shut mouth of everyone, who pretend to tell, what he thinks. And to tell this without looking back, but aloud and clear - for everybody.
Today, 13 of February, on the square in front of footbridge over the Moscow river, near the embassy of Turkey the picket in support of our turkish comrades: imprisoned military objector Enver Aydemir, anarchist Volkan Sevinç and other 22 people, who were aggrieved at police brutality on non-violent demonstration in Ankara on the 6 of January, took place.
Anarchists, members of Autonomous Action and animal liberarion movement in number of 15, protested against the situation in Turkey. Activists held two banners: "No political repression!", "ASKERLIK KOLELIKTIR!" (Soldiership is slavery!) and the poster with the call to free Volkan Sevinç. People on the streets were given leaflets with explanation of the situation. Members of the picket chanted: "Freedom to political prisoners!", "Nobody is born as a soldier, people are dying being soldiers!", "Liberty can not be given, liberty can be taken!". After the action activists came to Turkish embassy. Agents of embassy were given written request with explanation of Volkan's and Enver's situation and demand of leaving a message for Turkey's goverment about them and lawless action of police on 6th of January 2010.
Today we made aloud and clear declaration: we don't want to bear with police brutality and violation of human rights, and it doesn't matter where it takes place - in our country or around the world! The only way to protest is everyday struggle for our rights and rights of surrounding persons! In this struggle - we will win, if we support each other, but not the one, who oppress us. No political repression! No slavish laws! Break the things, that break you!

Solidarity is our weapon!

It will be recalled that, On 6th January 2010 the police arrested 23 people in Ankara (Turkey) by using brutal force. The arrests occurred during a demonstration and press conference for the immediate release of the imprisoned military objector Enver Aydemir. Lawlessly arrested people were hardly beaten, raped and humiliated. One person among the arrested demonstrators - Volkan Sevinç, has been detained and convicted of framed up case. He is still in prison.

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"Solidarity is our weapon!"
best regards with anarchy.
an anarchist from turkey

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