In Moscow Picket memory of Ilya Borodaenko

July 22 Picket memory Ilya Borodaenko in Moscow. At the rally attended by about 50 anarchists and anti-fascists and anti-fascists of other political views. Especially for her memorable rally participants prepared a black banner "Ilya Borodaenko killed by the Nazis 21 July 2007. The protesters distributed leaflets, chanting "Fascists killed, authorities cover" and other chants.

Peter. Poetry Festival at Kanonersky Island

July 24 at 18:00 to open the second festival of poetry, known as "shallow." This is not just a literary festival in nature. How to write the organizers, "we do not arrange a funny exit on nature, we open the lab, which will be carried out the experiment to replace the institutional props literature gusts of wind and marine environment of industrial ruins.

Statement of the Coordinating Council (Ufa)

Independent Effects of Ufa in the year and a half years is a member of the Coordinating Council of political parties and public associations of Ufa. Together with several other organizations are members of the COP, we have always played by real people, this is a struggle for housing rights, the fight against the sealing of building, anti-fascist actions, demands an end to repression of social activists, human rights defenders and their relatives.

Flashmob "Do not eat me!"

July 17, 2010 - vegetarians and vegans "GREEN IZHEVSK" was organized by gay and colorful flash mob. The main purpose of this event was the promotion of a vegetarian lifestyle among the residents of Izhevsk. The modern man is simply no need to consume meat, supporting and encouraging financial meat industry, which each year claims the lives of billions of animals! Vegetarianism should be the norm of life of every sane person!

Spanish anarcho-syndicalist CNT-AIT: 100 years under the red-black flag

"To achieve the independence of women to work, and this work is unpleasant and will inevitably and poorly paid. We propose that the salary in line with its work to the same extent as in men. 100 years ago November 1, 1910 was proclaimed by the declaration, which could well be contained in the Manifesto on the occasion of 8 March this year.

Single picket ended in the police department

20 July activist "Autonomous Action UFA went to a single rally support in the fight for their rights dwellers Parkhomenko, 69, 71, 73, Kirova 45, 43, 43 / 1; Dostoevsky 106, 106 / 1 Ufa. Earlier, the autonomous action of Ufa, with the support of sympathizers are already held a picket to draw attention of the authorities and the public to the problem of point buildings, but there was no response, and the construction of a multistory building on the site of the playground still not stopped.More

Moscow. 21/07/2010. In memory of Ilya Borodaenko

Today, 21 July, on the spot death of Anastasia Baburova and Stanislav Markelov was installed a commemorative plaque and a portrait of Elijah Borodaenko, anarchist and anti-fascist, party movement "Autonomous Action". Elijah died three years ago during an attack on the ecological camp in Angarsk. He was one of the most active people on the move and believed that anti-fascism is meaningless without political ideology.

Statement by the anarcho-syndicalists Portugal in connection with the excuse of "11, of Lisbon '

July 14 in Lisbon Criminal Court judge read out the final decision in the case against "11, of Lisbon, arrested during a police anti-authoritarian suppression of a demonstration against fascism and capitalism, April 25, 2007 With all the defendants were acquitted because the judge announced that there was no evidence their guilt.

In Bashkortostan replaced president. Trying to ensure "a decent old age" - no match for an ordinary Russian pensioners

Expected at an emergency meeting of the State Assembly of Bashkortostan Rakhimov statement on his resignation on July 15 and did not hear because of the absence of the president himself. Having assembled in order to fire resorts State Assembly deputies were puzzled. A disappointed look and State Duma deputy Andrei Nazarov, and not enjoy the spectacle, as the defeated enemy would sign the act of surrender, and something to babble in his own defense.

Toronto G20: Eyewitness Report, Or, Riot 2010 Part Deux

Our last update offered an overview of what happened in Toronto during the anarchist actions against the G20 June 25-27. We’ve received the following blow-by-blow report from on the ground there, offering context and analysis from inside the riots that shook Canada’s largest city. Anarchists have fully emerged in North America as a force to be reckoned with following the events in Toronto, and it is important to understand how this came about. The black bloc has become a household name throughout the region, and we must use this exposure to our advantage by maintaining our visibility even in the face of repression. We must also look critically at the events of the weekend in order to make strategic advances toward our goal of completely dismantling the domination and hierarchy of the present world.

Defenders Himkinchskogo forest tent camp protest

14 July residents of Khimki near Moscow, which for years fought against the project of building the toll road Moscow-Saint Petersburg Khimki through the forest (forest is part of the forest belts of Moscow and a source of clean air in Khimki), found that about 2 weeks is cutting down forests Khimki . morning of 15 July representatives of the initiative group of residents went to the scene of the event. Felling took place away from Khimki.

Stable instability

In the socio-economic life of the planet, one after another is a series of extraordinary events: the bombings in the Moscow metro, the death of the Polish delegation, the national uprising in Kyrgyzstan, a volcanic eruption in Iceland, an environmental catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico. The dramatic events occur in the financial markets. At the end of last year it seemed that the situation is normalized. Nothing foretold catastrophic consequences.

15 July in Moscow, recalled Natalia Estemirova and victims of political terror

July 15 About 50 people took part in a picket in central Moscow to mark the anniversary of the murder human rights activist Natalya Estemirova. Estemirova was kidnapped and killed July 15, 2009 in Chechnya. A year later, law enforcement has reported on completion of the investigation - they all blame lies with the militants Alhazura Bashaeva, which, according to police, was killed in November 2009.

Passed environmental picket in defense of forest in and around Moscow

On 14 July, Clean Ponds near the monument Griboyedov held a joint rally of environmental NGOs in the protection of forests in and around Moscow. The main stated theme: against deforestation in and around Moscow, against the construction of Ring Road, against the construction of forest trails in Khimki Moscow - St.

Organizers of the exhibition "Forbidden Art-2006 were found guilty

June 12 Tagansky district court in Moscow has sentenced Andrei Erofeev, curator of the exhibition "Forbidden Art 2006", and Yuri Samodurov, the former in 2007, the museum director to them. Sakharov, which hosted the exhibition. Both iskustvoveda were found guilty of "inciting hatred and enmity" and "humiliation of human dignity" and sentenced to fines of 150 and 200 thousand rubles. The criminal case was initiated at the request of participants in the movement "People's Cathedral", which viewed the exhibits of the exhibition insulting the Orthodox religion and the Orthodox believers.

A wave of strikes swept through China

The Chinese economy is said to have an exception in the global crisis of capitalism. Tell that to the thousands of Chinese workers, who over the past week, participated in a wave of strikes that swept many parts of the country. Among the most sensational was the fight at a number of the Honda, which still swept the three strike wave - even after employees have achieve higher wages after the first strike by 24%. On "Fokskonne, manufacturer Ipods, where recently there were many cases of suicide, as a result of the strike had to raise wages by 70%.At the engineering factory CCO clashes between security forces and employees, when first attempted to prevent a second strike to make the streets.

There was questioning Rustam Fakhretdinova

July 13 Tyumen journalist, member of the movement "independent action" Rustam Fakhretdinov was questioned by investigators of the Investigation Department of the investigative committee of the Procuracy of the Russian Federation in the Tyumen region, Konstantin Zaikov. Fakhretdinova notified that he is a suspect in a criminal case for publication in the newspaper "The Evening Tyumen in 2008 , the articles "Tsentralka for what ruined me ..." and "Flowers of the police department of the Central-3.

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